Q: Why would I want a fiberglass pool installed?

A: Fiberglass pools are low in overall costs, they great for a long lifetime expectancy with little maintenance, fiberglass pools are also quick to install.

Q: How are fiberglass pools made?

A: Fiber glass pools are made by spraying a gelcoat into the pool mold, you then will add your chopped fiberglass to the gelcoat. Once you have completed the first two steps, add woven roving to the stress positions to ensure the pools durability. Then, apply your honeycomb material to the side walls of the pool; at this point the last layer of fiberglass can be added in. Once the all of this is done you will be able to.

Q: What is the upkeep of a fiberglass pool?

A: The upkeep of the fiberglass pool is very low maintenance and has very low life time costs. Because fiberglass less electricity and chemicals the cost comes out to be lower overall.

Q: What are the costs of maintaining a fiberglass pool?

A: The costs of maintaining fiberglass pool vary depending on the size of the pool as well as the equipment you may be using.